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This forum thread needs a solution.

I cant sign in to my account.

I just purchased Norton 360, but am unable to sign in to my account. I keep entering my email address and password, but the sign in screen keeps coming back up with the password box highlighted. I can't download Norton 360, because I can't sign in. What's going on with this system?



Re: I cant sign in to my account.

Please clear your browser cache, cookies, history and temporary files, restart your modem and machine. Then try again. Else you may have to try a different browser.
Which browser are you using to sign in?
How have you purchased N360? Do you have the key with you? If yes download the setup from www.norton.com/latestn360 and activate using your key code.
Have you tried to reset your account password?
Please use the link: manage.norton.com to directly go to your product management account.
Please update about the progress.
regards, CV | There is no ONE TOUCH KEY to security . Be alert and vigilant. . | Always have a Backup Plan!

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