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This forum thread needs a solution.

I cant use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

Hey guys, im new here so please dont jugde :)

Problem: I download Norton Bootable Recovery Tool from https://security.symantec.com/nbrt/nbrt.aspx This is an iso file and whenever I try to mount it, it says cannot locate or cannot find. Im looking for this I want to get this program here so I can burn and create recovery cds/usb.

This is what happens when I try to open the ISO file that I downloaded.

Please help me



Re: I cant use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

You cannot mount the file to run it. You have to create a DVD, or a USB key to boot from. The NBRT does not run in a Windows environment, so it has to boot cleanly into the OS provided by the tool.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: I cant use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

Symantec/Norton got rid of the tool you posted a screenshot of and replaced it with a tool that is not quite as good. You skip the steps from the screen shot and burn the ISO to a CD/DVD and boot from it. You will note that the NPE tool is missing, they removed it when they switched to Linux. (That was the main reason I used this bootable tool)


Re: I cant use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

After you create Norton Bootable Recovery Tool on a DVD or a USB drive, use the media to run Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool identifies and lists all the known security threats. You can choose what to do with the items that are identified as potential risks.

Scan and resolve threats

  1. Insert the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB drive that you created.

  2. Turn on or restart your computer, then enter the BIOS mode by pressing the key that appears on the screen immediately after your computer restarts.

  3. Select the DVD or the USB drive on which you created Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, and then press Enter. If you use a UEFI-enabled computer, select the recovery media under the Legacy Boot option instead of the UEFI Boot option. The recovery media is the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB drive.

  4. In the Welcome to NBRT page, select the Boot option. If the booting fails, then select Boot (Basic Video) option.

  5. In the Select Language drop-down list, select your preferred language, and then click OK.

  6. Read the Norton license agreement, and then click Agree to launch the tool.

  7. In the Scan your computer section, click Start Scan. When the scan is complete, the Scan Completed window lists the following:

    • The total number of files scanned

    • The total number of threats detected

  8. In the Scan Completed window, review the scan results, and do one of the following:

    • To fix all of the threats that are found on your computer, select the Action column.

    • To perform appropriate actions for each of the threats, select the relevant threat that you want to resolve under the Action column.

    Review the scan results carefully before resolving the threats, since the files that are removed cannot be restored on your computer.

  9. Click Fix.

  10. In the confirmation dialog box appears, do one of the following::

    • Click OK to resolve threats.

    • Click Cancel to cancel the fix.

  11. The Remediation window displays the status of each threat under the Action column.

  12. Click Continue.

  13. In the Reboot your computer window, click Reboot to restart your computer. If you want to run the scan again, click Scan Again.


Re: I cant use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

Thank you already shared and i did it


Re: I cant use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

No problem at your service!

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