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This forum thread needs a solution.

I have done everything to remove pau.wasmcoinminer but it won't go away, any ideas

Hi Everyone, i have been looking everywhere for help on this but i can't get a good answer and i have tried all recomendations 
I have an issue with pau.wasmcoinminer popping up quite a lot when i'm online.
I have ran  Malwarebytes and even changed the settings for scanning rootkits as well but Malwarebytes never finds it.

Also i have

1. Ran full scan with Norton (and made sure if was up to date) (also s reccomended

2. Ran Norton power eraser (still didn't find it) (As recommended)

3. Removed Google chrome and reinstalled (as it's always a folder in there where Norton finds it)

Yet Norton keeps popping up saying it found and removed or analyzed and quarantined it  but it starting to get on my nerves lol

There has to be people out there that knows how to remove this.

It doesn't come up as much now but it's still there.

Any advise except from paying more money



Re: I have done everything to remove pau.wasmcoinminer but it won't go away, any ideas

PUA.WASMcoinminer info <here>.

Chat with Official Norton Support  ask for VPP team > Support will work with you to diagnose and remove malware. What is Norton Virus Protection Promise

Note1: Enroll in Automatic Renewal before reaching out to Official Norton Support.
Norton requires user is enrolled in Automatic Renewal for VPP team to provide free virus removal assistance.

Note2: User may enroll or cancel Automatic Renewal & remove payment info at anytime.  Update Norton account settings > https://support.norton.com/current/solutions/v52531049

Note3: If you’ve purchased your Norton subscription directly from Norton.com or joined Automatic Renewal, then you may have virus removal services through Virus Protection Promise. See your Norton Account or contact Support.


Re: I have done everything to remove pau.wasmcoinminer but it won't go away, any ideas

From the information in the link bjm_ posted about this PUA

PUA.WASMcoinminer is a detection for a module of a JavaScript cryptocurrency miner that runs in web browsers

 What you are seeing is actually  on a web site you are visiting. Not something that is on your computer. Norton blocks the JavaScript from running and protects you computer. These scripts are often included in malformed ads on the site you are visiting.

You can restrict JavaScript in your browser's settings, or you can try installing an ad blocker in your browser(s).

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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