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I have no idea what happened! No Norton product on PC?

I bought the Norton Internet Security 2011 software for 3 computers.  I see it on my Startup Menu, in the taskbar and also have a shortcut icon on my desktop.  For some time, I've been unable to click the taskbar icon and tonight when I tried to do an update from the site, iti said that  I have no Norton product installed on my PC.  How is this possible?  

If I need to uninstall and reinstall, is reinstallation possible without the actual disk?  (Without paying again, of course!)  




Re: I have no idea what happened! No Norton product on PC?

Hi 22dina22,

Welcome to the forum.  I'm sure that there is someone here who can help you out.  You may have to wait a bit longer until the specialists in that area are online.

Meanwile, what you could do right now is to log into your Norton Account by signing in at:


You will need to enter the e-mail address that you used when you first registered with Norton, and then your password.

Once you have signed in, then go to the Products area and see which products are listed for you.  There should be at least one listed there.  Click on the product name, and then you will get a pop-up screen with all the details, including your product license key, the expiry date, etc.

If you are able to get this far and are able to make a copy of your product license key (and if your product has not yet expired), then I think it should be OK for you to uninstall and reinstall your NIS 2011 product.  However, I'm not an expert in this area, so perhaps someone else in the forum can give the exact steps that need to be taken.

Also, I think you should probably be able to do the re-installation without the actual disk, because the NIS 2011 installation file is available for download from Norton at:


and when you click on this link you can download the most recent NIS 2011 installation file to your Desktop for use after you uninstall the version that's installed now. You will of course eventually be asked to enter your Product License Key, so that's why you need to log into your account first -- to make a copy of that key for use when you attempt the re-installation.  If you have a valid key, then you should not have to pay anything to do the re-installation that way. (At least that's my opinion)



HP-Mini 110 -1020NR (netbook) 2GB RAM, CPU N270 @1.60GHz, Windows XP Home, SP3, NIS 2011 (installed 12h00 GMT 18-JUL-11) , FF5,IE8
Accepted Solution

Re: I have no idea what happened! No Norton product on PC?


Have you looked in the Windows listing for Uninstall/Remove Programs to see if NIS is listed there or not?

You might want to consider a thorough clean up of whatever is on your drive before trying a new clean install. So consider dowloading and using the Norton Removal Tool as below between the two stages that RichD outlines.

This link: Symantec Norton Removal Tool. will direct you to the current Symantec Norton Removal Tool.

Note that it is nonselective and will remove all Norton applications and not just one selected by you so if you have any other Norton products installed please let us know first.

The instructions will tell you how to download and install NIS BUT PLEASE IGNORE THEM AND JUMP TO RICHD'S ROUTE or you wll be back with a download manager ....

What version of WIndows are you using? If it is VISTA or Windows 7 I recommend starting the NRT and the NIS installer by right mouse clicking on the file and selecting Run as Administrator since I find it tends to give better results.


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