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I have a problem with firewall Norton Security

Hi, I have a question to do I have Norton Security De Luxe updated to the latest version. The program is mounted on two PCs one is an HP DC 7800 with windows 7 professional inserted into a corporate network, the other is an HP laptop ENVY j104-sl with windows 10 latest version and plugged into the same corporate network. Both computers work with the default software, I would have a question about how Norton's firewall works which rules are set by default for both PCs. Certainly PC ports are mapped by a company security software, but while in the laptop every second you can see in the firewall history that requests are blocked, in the fixed pc you see that the scanning of the ports are blocked only after the 'Boot your computer or when your pc comes from standby when firewall history read user logged on firewall seems not to notice port scanning and stays without detecting anything, it is can show only new rules or programs. To better explain my screen capture regarding the firewall history.