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I was asked to log in on my Mac. Log in screen kept coming back

I still have four more months to go on my annual VPN (stand-alone) subscription, but I'm pretty much DONE with my struggle with the application. Over the past several weeks, the Norton VPN application for the Mac has been a disaster!

I've been a user since 2016, with the application installed on two Mac computers, two iPhones and a Dell PC. Never had a problem with it until several weeks ago when, suddenly, I was asked out of the blue to log-in again on my two Mac computers. Tried to do so, and the log-in screen kept coming back, unfilled, on a kind of continuous loop. Just could not log-in on the computers. The two iPhones and the PC had no problems, and the VPN is still working on both. Tried uninstalling and then re-installing the program on the two Mac computers about eight times with no resolution. Spent countless hours trying to reach a human being by phone to get some help. On finally reaching someone, I was told that "we're having some problems with Macs right now, but try again in 24-48 hours." Tried again, and again, and again, and ....... , but to no avail. Tried another several times to reach a human tech supporter at Norton, but just gave up after hours waiting for someone to answer the support line.

Suddenly, early last week, I was surprised to find that I could log-in to the VPN on both Mac computers. It lasted less than a full day. Later that same day, it not only did not work, but now the problem was different and more maddening. On both computers, the log-in screen appeared after boot-up, but the log-in screen was a blank white with no lines for username/password information -- totally blank. As though that were not bad enough, the VPN application stalled and was non-responsive and would not allow me to quit. After screwing around for the past week, I finally uninstalled and removed all traces of this haunted mess from both Mac computers today. I still have it on my iPhones, and it seems fine.

The only consolation now is that I finally remembered to check this user forum today and discovered that I'm not alone in this frustrating disaster. I can see now that I've got lots of company, but I'm going to desert them (sorry!), because I need to get on with life and get back to my work/business.

So, as of today, I'm looking for another VPN product; if anybody has some suggestions, please post here. By the way, the Express VPN product has a lot of bad rep out there, so we need to be careful. Anybody tried the PIA VPN yet? Any advice?

Thanks, folks!

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Re: I was asked to log in on my Mac. Log in screen kept coming back

I have been having similar issues on my Macs as well, and apparently in the same time frame as you.  Not only is VPN not working but chat support is broken too.  I haven't found time to call and now after reading about your experience calling has become a lower priority.  I don't have time to waste on customer service that doesn't work.  
I have been finding work arounds and the best one is that I switched to the Opera browser which has its own VPN.  


Re: I was asked to log in on my Mac. Log in screen kept coming back

I've wrote a post almost a month ago about this situation and it's unreal that they haven't provided an update on this issue. Windscribe is a really good VPN and lots of countries to connect to. Just going to boycott Norton. 

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