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Icon has disappeared AGAIN:(

It seems that whatever is going wrong with Norton lately is getting worse. In the past I had a problem when the Icon disappeared from the taskbar but TIM posted a link that fixed the problem. It's now happening again, especially when I visit these forums and then hover the mouse over the icon. The only way to get it back is to reboot.

I have no toolbar...my concern is not my identity safe but rather safe web...and now I have no icon. Morevoer, I have had to manually run Live update several times over the past few days, as it wasn't doing it automatically.

Any ideas. Man I'm sick of this program:(



Re: Icon has disappeared AGAIN:(

I believe if you would post what version of Norton 360 you are running, as well as what browser (and version) you are using, and what OS you are using would greatly help as it is asking quite a bit for us to go back thru previous posts you have made to extract all that info.

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