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ID Safe Autofill doesn't work on Safari 10.8.4


Like a number  of other people's (critical) comments of v1.03.5 in the (US only!) Mac App Store I've previously used IDSafe on a PC for many years and the autofill is one of the key features I use - but not on the Mac. Are we ALL doing something wrong? The cynic in me wonders if there's a Norton toolbar that comes with a paid for Norton app (like 360) that provides this feature (as an upsell?)

I'm sure I'm not the only one for whom Windows 8 has been the prompt to jump to a Mac, but I've been so disappointed with the half-baked software that I keep coming across. The standalone Norton IDSafe is just another example, and certainly doesn't instill me with the confidence to stump up cash for yet another Norton license.

I have sync'd the Mac with my online vault - but the only logins that autofill are the sites that Safari saved before I installed ID Safe.

BTW - unbelieveable that its only available from the US store. There ARE users outside of the USA you know! :P


OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite); Win10-Pro; Win7-Ultimate; Win7-Home; Norton Security 7.0.1