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ID Safe hopeless for use on ebay Checkout

I have turned off the autofill feature on ID Safe - basically because I was fed up of it filling in fields which were not log ins...

However, I have come across one instance where this causes real issues...

When you buy something on ebay and go to the checkout screen, you are invariably provided with a page to enter your login details for PayPal.

The drop down bar does not appear to allow you to fill in this page.  If I click on Vault is Open, I see the PayPal login at the top - but of course, if I click on this, it takes me to the PayPal home page!

I though OK - I will use the Copy password facility and paste that in - got an error incorrect password, as the Copy Password facility just copies *******

The only way to do this is to go to the View Login page for the ID Safe details for PayPal, then click on the eye to view the actual password, then use the Copy password facility.

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