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ID Safe Log-in problem

This is what I am getting in IE 9 on NIS 2012  - first screenshot is from Comcast (not signed into ID Safe)  Second is from Norton (already Signed into ID Safe)

I have never seen this before and a browser restart does not help it.

I just checked - same thing in FF 14.0.1??

Server problems?


Accepted Solution

Re: ID Safe Log-in problem

I checked my other system and ID Safe is working in Norton Security Suite (N 360 clone). Thus, not a server problem.

On my NIS system, after the above, I lost my System tray icon for NIS and the NIS desktop short cut did not work.  Got the spinning circle for a few seconds and then nothing.  I then went to uistub.exe, ran that and eventually (about a minute later) got an Auto Fix failed with suggestion to run Norton remove and reinstall Tool. 

I elected to reboot instead of running the tool and all is back to normal. 


Re: ID Safe Log-in problem

This happens when service is not runnning or killed for some reason.

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