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This forum thread needs a solution.

ID Safe was cloud two days ago - Local today.

As I posted here http://community.norton.com/en/comment/6851541#comment-6851541 I set up my cloud-based Vault.

Today I get this:

which is Local, isn't it?

I hit Sign in, enter my log-in ID and password (by hand, but definitely correct) and get taken back to this Get Started.

Every blasted day there's a new problem on both this new WIn10 laptop and my other screwed-up- after-MS-upgrade to WIn10 laptop.

[a] what should I do now please and [b] can I check anywhere how/when this happened?

PS As I type this I see a message "Sign in to your Norton account to open your Vault and save time online  -  Sign in"  ???

Win10 Home v1803 build 17134.345/HP envy/EDGE (rubbish)/IE11 (RIP)11.285.17134.0/ OFFICE 365 Home Personal/Norton Security



Re: ID Safe was cloud two days ago - Local today.


Re: ID Safe was cloud two days ago - Local today.

That message you see has nothing to do with local vs cloud vault. If you do set up a vault from this screen, you will create a new online vault that will over write your old vault. This essentially wipes out the old vault and you lose all your logins.

Follow the link at the bottom of the link that bjm_ gave. Essentially you go to the main Norton Security page and click on your email address at the top right. Then sign out. Close Norton and restart your computer. Then try signing back into your vault. You will be asked for your Norton Account email and password, and then the vault password.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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