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Identified by Norton 360 as Suspicious

Hi guys! My home wifi suddenly the past few days Has Norton flagged as identified by Norton 360 as suspicious and auto VPN turns on. It's very confusing because nothing has changed with the router or modem settings. Norton said this network has password-protected and strong encryption. It said _____my wif_____ is secured on VPN. When I click on VPN option, it said You’re secure. Without VPN, SSH Brute Force Attack is compromised. Learn More. I click learn more and it just takes me back to the previous screen option. So is there a way to find out what happened? Why it was compromised? How to fix it? Like just randomly it did this, I tried turning Auto VPN off and it scanned and said your are secured, so is this a bug with auto VPN? Or please help me investigate further why this happened please



Re: Identified by Norton 360 as Suspicious

Not being a networking expert I'll try to help as best I can.

The brute force attack could be coming from outside or inside your home network. How many devices connect to your network? I would start by power cycling your modem and router. Then test to see if your network is still listed as compromised. 

If that does not change things, you could try disconnecting each device on the network, one at a time, and testing to see if Norton still detects this attack. 

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