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Identify Safe Login

I have not been able to open up my vault on my desktop computer all week.  I also have a laptop which I tested and I was able to open the vault so it must be something with my desktop.  Here is what happens (sounds like same as other users).    I select Logins in Norton Internet Security. A box opens asking for my email address and password.  I enter both and receive an Error – Failed to log in to your Norton Account.  Please check the supplied credentials.  I hit okay and the box comes back that asks for email address and password.  These are still filled in from previous entry.    I cannot close out this screen.  When I hit the x – I hear a ring and nothing happens and it won’t go away.  I have to contrl alt delete to exit this.  I know the password is correct as I can go into Norton’s website with the password and email and I am able to log in.  Again, on my laptop, I am able to sign into account and then it prompts for Vault password which it accepts and everything is ok.  So apparently it is something with my desktop – any suggestions on how to fix this.



Re: Identify Safe Login

I think a fix is on its way.

On the other thread (unable to access indentity safe) a number of others have a similar problem, I have tested a fix for the Norton tech team and mine is now ok.

I'm sure an update on that thread will be forthcoming soon.

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