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Identitiy Safe for Android

I cannot find any "exit" or "x" for closing windows or for closing the browser it self, within the Identity Safe browser. Also there is no tabs at the top as you would see in all other browsers. I have I found that the only way to close the browser is to go to Task Manager. But when you open Safe Browser later. those pages that you visited the last time you used it, are still there! Also if you don't go to Task Manager to close it it continues to run in the back ground, draining your battery and using up data allowance, till you do!

Im am using a Samsung Galaxy II.


Jim Wierck


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Re: Identitiy Safe for Android

Hi jimwierck - Welcome to The Norton Community.

I searched high and low for a post i made about this question a while back and cannot find

it anywhere. :(

But i still have the images or screen shots to help answer your questions regarding the Norton

Identity Safe (NID Safe) browser for Android devices. :)

You can close the individual browser pages or tabs by first tapping the browser page icon at

the bottom of the screen as shown in the screen shot below. The number on it will also show

how many pages or tabs are currently open.

On the next screen as shown in the screen shot below are the thumbnails for each page or

tabs that are currently open, plus the option to open a new tab or page.

To close any tab or page just press and swipe the thumbnail to the left to close the tab or

page. :)  Note- at least one tab or page must remain open, perhaps just open a new page

and close all others before finishing up with the NID Safe app.

Then to close the NID Safe app just press the Back Button on your device until you have

exited the app or press the Home Key (middle button at the bottom of the Galaxy S 2)  to

return to your Home Screen then on your device press and hold the Home Key until a list

of all the open apps is shown on the screen with a thumbnail for each app and it's name

like in the screen shot below.

Then it is as simple as closing the pages or tabs in the NID Safe app, just swipe away

normally to the left and any app that you want to stop running in the background on your

device will be closed. :)


I hope you find that information to be helpful.



EDIT - The last image should become visible when approved, appologies for that.


Re: Identitiy Safe for Android

Also to add, we are definately making improvements in this area of the app for the next release.

Thank you for the feedback!

Rhonda Leopold

Program Manager- IDSafe Mobile Edition