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Identity Auto login has problems with different sites and problems are different in each browser

In Windows 10 the Norton Security Suite (Norton 360) the Identity auto login feature does not work properly on all web page logins and the problem is different depending on the browser used. Its appears that most auto logins work ok with IE but with IE crashing so often you can not trust it. A login to a Bank (PNC for example) using Chrome the password almost constantly is not filled in on the first connection attempt but will eventually work after 3 or more tries, Same Bank site works ok with IE and FireFox. Another example (Walmart.com) when using FireFox the user name and password are not filled in, just blank but if you click sign in anyway the user name and password get filled in and the login works. Same site with Chrome and IE the name and password are filled in right away before selecting the sign in. There are multiple problems that vary with the Browser used and the site web page. So far FireFox seems to have the least number of problems only noticed the Walmart.com login issue with FireFox all other sites checked are ok. One other issue with the Norton Diagnostic report and browsers, the report window has an option to click to display the report in a browser to print and/or save and it uses the default browser which the report displays properly in all 3 checked (IE, Chrome, Firefox) but when you use the save page as in Chrome the saved page is blank. Also when Firefox is used to display and save it works ok in Firefox but the saved page does not display properly in Chrome. Same saved page file does display OK in IE also.

Labels: Windows 10