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Identity safe drawback

I read about the need for secure passwords. The suggestion to use the password generator to create secure none hack able passwords sound like a good idea. Especially since identity safe would remember them and fill them in for me. 

Tonight I found the problem with that idea. Identity safe for no reason locked me out from even being able to see the safe login screen. Without the safe I had no idea what any of my account password where. I called customer support and the only help I got was that I would have to wait 24 hours for it to automatically reset. 

I you are someone that needs access to your accounts and waiting 24 hours is not a option. do not use the password generator and expect identity safe to fill them in for you. If you do you too can find your self locked out from all of your accounts for 24 hours. 



Re: Identity safe drawback


I don't have a solution to the immediate problem but I do have a suggestion for the future. (I am not an expert on security, just a fellow consumer.)

It is a good idea to keep more than one repository of your passwords, accounts, and other important information. For example, I created a small database of all passwords and accounts in a MS Excel spreadsheet and password encrypted this file. That file is kept on my computer and I have a printed version in a firesafe. Some people might put this file on a "cloud" server. I personally don't like using a commercial cloud space, but that is just me. Whatever you do, encrypting this file is extremely important or it is worthless as a security safeguard. 

I use the Norton Identity safe, as my primary password source, for convenience and for the added security of not having to type in sensitive information. It is my primary source for passwords but not my only source.


Re: Identity safe drawback

I agree.  Like any other important information, you should keep a backup.  You can export a copy of the contents of your vault as a .csv file.

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