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identity Safe full of a bunch of empty logins

I have been using N360 for years. Once Identy Safe went to the online version it was aweful, but eventually they got it working. I have a few hundred logins saved.

Now I am looking for a specific login, which I rearly need to do and I notice about a hundred blank login entries.  They take up a row just like a valid login, but are blank.  What is going on?

If the system was on my machine, I would say the database was corupted and needed to be rebuild and indexed, but this is a Norton hosted server application so rebuilding it is not an option.

Anyone ever see this?  Know how to fix it?  Could it be a sign of some attempt to hack my password list on Identy Safe.

Many thanks

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Re: identity Safe full of a bunch of empty logins

Hi Kolin314,

Can you use the Vaultis Open button to get to Open Identity Safe, display the logins and then see the blank login entires there?  It would be  a lot of work with as many blank entries as you have, but you may be able to select them by doulbe clicking and then deleting them.

Another idea would be to check your auto backup of ID's and see if the blank ones are included.  If not, perhaps you could delete your vault and then create a new one and pull in your backup which did not contain the blank log-ins.

I have never seen this before, but it appears to me to be some kind of corruption.  We just had a recent thread where log-ins appeared to disappear 10 inutes after booting and it was caused by the Stand Alone ID Safe synching - Norton is aware of it, but no fix yet!

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