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Identity Safe history not updating

Ever since upgrading to Norton Internet Security v20.2.0.19 my Identity Save history isn't working like it use to. It remembers the last 8 logins, or at least it's supposed to. It seems it only remembers 1-6 of the most recent logins. Numbers 7 and 8 only populate logins from weeks/month ago. For example I've not logged into one site in 6 months yet it's in my history and some sites I've logged into just days ago have already rolled off the list.

I using Windows 7 64bit, IE9 and Firfox 17.01. I chatted with Norton Support but they don't have a fix nor do they say it's a known problem. THis was working fine until I upgraded to NIS 2013 v20.2.0.19.

Is anyone else noticing this issue?

btw, I suggested they give us an option to turn the Safe history off or have a way to clear it for security reasons. According to the NIS tech there is not a way to do this.



Re: Identity Safe history not updating

If you have a suggestion for the product, you can check to see if it is already posted in the Product Suggestions board of the forum. If it is not there, you can make a new suggestion.

For your current problem.

Try clicking on Support - Get Support to run  Autofix to check your installation and fix what it finds.

Also be sure you have run LiveUpdate manually a few times, rebooting as necessary, until no updates are available.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Identity Safe history not updating


Only the first 5 or 6 log-ins are your most recently visited, the remainder are your most often visited sites over time.

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