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Identity safe login file


I am in the process of getting my laptop back up and running which I did have a number of logins and also 1 or 2 cards, which I did have backed up on a local nas drive.  However I need to look at that once I have acquired access!!, whilst I had issues with my laptop I put in a bigger HDD and reinstalled 360.  What I would like to know is what is the name of the file and where do I need to in my original drive to get all my logins and copy over to my new setup. I assume it's within c:\program files\Norton 360, Also i think i did export the file and saved it within my folders somewhere on the original harddrive but would help of i know what that file extension if likely to be.





Re: Identity safe login file

Hi Ian,

Depending on how long ago you exported your ID Safe Data, it could be an NPM (oldest) a DAT or even possibly a CSV.

Since you did not tell us your operating system, I'll provide info for XP, Vista and Win 7 in regards to finding your ID Safe Data on your old HDD.  Also please note, the below pathis for version 20 N 360, if you are still on version 6 the 20 will change to  a 6 series number,  or even if older a 5 series number.

In XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\<your account name>\Application Data\Norton\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}\N360_20.1.0.24\IdentitySafeDataStore

In Vista/Win 7:


1. Copy the Identity Safe data folder to a new folder in a convenient location on your computer.

2. In the Identity Safe Settings Window select Import Data > Configure [+]
3. In the Import Identity Safe Data window, 'Browse' to the new folder you just created in step 1
4. Double click the folder to open it and select the file IDDStore2 > Open.
5 .Under 'While importing data', select 'Merge with existing data' and click OK. You may be prompted to enter the password for the old data.
6. If you have changed any login credentials for a particular site since the older data was created, you will be presented with a Data Conflict window.  Select which login version you wish to keep and click OK.
7. OK your way out and check that the merged logins have been added and are working.

Let us know  how things work out.


Re: Identity safe login file

Thankyou for your support, that worked. Didn't see file straight off so in the last section where the sub directories were all numbers  just copied all the subdirectories that were numbers, browsed through as explain in latter part and saw it in he last one I came to (typical Sod's law), apologieI OS was windows7. Least that's another big chunk resolved, now just install one or two other program's when I can find the installation programs.

once again, thank you for your help and happy new year.



Re: Identity safe login file

chivs, you are most welcomed - is your situation in regards to this theread now solved?

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