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Identity Safe Multiple users

I am the IT person here at work. As such, I have all of our Norton subscriptions set up under one account. How do I set up Identity Safe for multiple users?



Re: Identity Safe Multiple users

Hello bubblehead Follow these guidelines and things should go smoothly: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v80744567_EndUserProfile_en_us


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Re: Identity Safe Multiple users

Hi bubblehead,

Some additional information to assist you:

I'm guessing multiple users are using a different device and their own list of passwords. The Online Vault for Identity Safe is tied to a Norton Account, thus each user must have their own Norton Account.  Each Norton Account consists of an email address (as user's name) and a password.  Thus if you have 12 users on different devices, you need to set up 12 Norton Accounts - one for each user.  Each user in this case would have their own Cloud Vault.

If by chance all users utilize the same set of log-ins and passwords then you only need one Norton Account set up, as all devices could use the same set of logins simply by logging into that Norton Account and then into the one Cloud Vault.

Hope that helps make things clear.

<EDIT>  Just located the following thread - peterweb explained it clearly in the second post in that thread: