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This forum thread needs a solution.

Identity Safe N360. Cannot open

I am unable to open Norton Identity Safe within the Norton 360 menu.
When I try to open it from within the Norton 360 menu with the correct password I get the screen
showing 'Vault Closed', 'show password hint' and the 'OPEN' button. Consequently I cannot edit or add entries
from within that 'local' menu, nor can I backup or restore it. It opens from within IE 11 and Firefox 32.0.3 without a problem
where entries can be edited, etc.
Please help :(



Re: Identity Safe N360. Cannot open


What is the version of Norton 360 you are using?

When you say "it opens from within IE11" - you mean to say the Identity safe main UI opens fine with logged in state and you are able to update the vault content?



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