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Identity Safe still buggy

I recently bought a new windows 8 convertible with NIS installed as a trial.  I set up the identity safe to use the same account and password as were used on 9 other computers.  Most of the other computers were running 32 bit XP pro and with a workaround I could still access my online vault.  Imagine my surprise as I logged into the same vault, I thought, coming from the same account and found it empty.  Thereafter it was impossible for me to log into my vault any more, However I had a computer that was still logged in to that vault and all of it's information.  When I called support about this she suggested that I close down my open Vault on the one system that it was open on.  After doing that I continually got wrong password notifications over the next two days and then lo and behold I could log into my vault again.  Unfortunately it was empty.  None of my old passwords or id cards there just the newly created vault made by my Win 8 NIS.  This is unfortunate, however,  Last Pass seems capable of holding on to the same vault through many installs and now works for Macs and I phones and ie8-10 and firefox and safari and chrome.  I think they are devoting more time to their free product than Symantec is devoting to their retail product.  But I have not downloaded the stand-alone product because it would seem that identity safe is not yet ready for Beta.  Still impossible to log on through Identity safe as a part of N360 premier but even working around I am sorry that I trashed my passwords list, painstakingly written, by hand, thus unsafe but not evanescent.