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Identity Safe sucks

I am really disappointed with the latest updates to NIS and 360. I have been using both products at home and at work. I use Identity Safe local vault. Now that feature is now gone. Forced to use the Online Vault. I use to be able to have it start automatically without having to enter my password. I now no longer can use the password I had with my local vault. I have to enter the new password requirements for Online Vault and it will not allow me to have it do this automatically when I start my PC.

Please bring back this option that was given to us from the start. And now taken away like the Start Button in Windows 8. 

Is Symantec/Norton now following Microsoft way of doing business by shooting themselves in the foot?


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Re: Identity Safe sucks

Hi dthawk63,

There is a way to retain the Local Vault and many of our users have.  I am one that has retained the Local Vault and also have an Online Vault.  The function you speak of - log into ID Safe when Windows starts still remains when using the Local Vault on my system. 

Norton has determined it is a security risk if that option is available with an online vault - thus if all you have (or in my case when using the Online vault) the auto log-in when Windows starts is not available.

Retaining the Local Vault once youhave upgraded to just the Online vault is a long drawn out process and requires an Export of your ID Safe Data, removal of NIS/N360, install of NIS 2012/N 360 V 6, and then an over the top upgrade to NIS/N 360 V 20.  It can be done but time consuming - any number of Guru's/users can tell provide instructions if you decide to do it. 

Since you may be consdiering it I would suggest you Export your ID Safe settings in both .CSV and .DAT format as you will need the .CSV format to get the ID safe Data back in the 2012 products.

Let us know what you decide.

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