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This forum thread needs a solution.

Identity Safe Sync

Why is my Identity Safe asking me to sync it now?  In Chrome, on the Norton Toolbar, the icon says 'Vault is Closed'.  When I click on it, it doesn't open the login prompt like it used to.  It looks like  Ican click on the 'Norton Identity Safe' icon which will then open a web page asking for my vault password.  Then it will sync the Identity Safe between my different computers, I'm assuming.  (at least it is giving me a prompt saying something about 'sync complete' which gives me the impression it is syncing between my computers and\or wherever the vault is now)
Anyway, how can I get my vault back to being local on my computer again like it used to be?  I don't want or need it to be stored "in the cloud" or at Norton or wherever it is.  I definitely don't need or want it to be doing all this 'syncing'.
Can you help?  
My Norton Internet Security is version  My Chrome is 63.0.3239.132

Thank you



Re: Identity Safe Sync

I found the answer for myself:

"With the latest version of the Norton products, the Norton Identity Safe is no longer a part of the Norton Toolbar. The Norton Identity Safe feature is now available as a separate icon on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

On the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Norton Identity Safety   icon."

I guess I have no choice now. 

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Re: Identity Safe Sync

About the only way to still use the local vault is if you use IE, or if you still have the old ID Safe extension v1.0.5 in Chrome. (for now). Norton has been trying to kill the local vault for many years and we may be getting close to the end.

As long as you have had a local vault at some time it is possible to regain it if you have been converted to the online vault. Check the information gathered by user elsewhere in this thread.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/retaining-your-local-vault   Be sure you read through the thread as there are some gotchas you can avoid with the additional information.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Identity Safe Sync

Thanks.  Since I'll have to eventually go to the online vault, I might as well save myself the hassle of trying to revert to local.

Thanks for the info!

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