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Identity Safe Vault authentication


I tried a couple different password vaults and finally settled on Identity safe. I have a multiseat, multi year subscription to Norton 360 so Identity safe was a no brainer. I am using it on my phone also. I have a concern and maybe the community can help me. Each time I open my browser, I click open vault and type in my password. Now I can surf and all my passwords are filled in for me. Awesome, I don't have to remember all my passwords and I'm not typing them all the time. But...my concern is keylogging. If I am only ever typing my vault password, then I've effectively increased my risk by giving the bad guys one key to all my passwords.

I know I could open my Norton account and then open my vault so I'm using two passwords and making it a bit more difficult but that kind of defeats the purpose of quick and easy for me.

Here is the question (finally)...Is there a way for me to add secondary authentication to my password vault?

Thanks for your help, I'm currently managing multiple accounts for my family and I want to stay safe.




Re: Identity Safe Vault authentication

Hi Cahummer,

Only thing I can think of is going into Security Settings within ID safe (Click on the three dots on the NTB (after vault is opened) and select Open Identity Safe Settings > select the Security Tab and select Ask for my password before filling a login or form.  This would require your password to open the Vault and then again prior to being able to fill in any login automatically.

In regards to key logger protection there is a length thread on it from Feb, 2014 at the following URL:



Re: Identity Safe Vault authentication

Cahummer, your's is not a dumb question but that type of venerability more or less is environmental and your system health  (shield) is.   when type of question...not saying that is a dumb question. What is concerning that your password is using a non SSL connection (see capture), you should keep that in mind. I don't know if what I mentioned answers your question but I guess that you were not aware of that. Jason  

File Attachment: 
IE v11, Chrome v 36.Symantec End Point Protection, Norton ID Safe. Windows 7 64x, ISP:CableOne.

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