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IDSafe and sight impaired or mouthheld pointing stick

The lack of IDSafe is not too fun for those of us who have depended on the autofill and autocollect of logins for ease or internet browsing.

Imagine the difficulties for someone who is sight impaired or must hold a pointing stick in his mouth to use the internet. Cutting and pasting from IDSafe list of logins is torturous. Makes the computer almost useless.

I did a semi switch to IE (which is going to be discontinued in 2016). The transferring of my favorites just from the  FF favorites toolbar to IE's favorite toolbars and "beta" testing of of those urls took me over 3, almost 4 hours. And the rest of my favorites were simply left hanging.

So, Norton,I am certain many of us will expect credit for Norton 360 Premier Suite not functioning for however many months. I do recall Norton being involved in a class action regarding renewals: the new sunscription was started before the old one ran out. Want to go thru that again?

The updated fully functioning toolbar won't be ready until 2016...shame on you Norton. You took my money and money from others for what? And knowing that there was/would be problems.

Oh, I feel for those people wherever who are affected by flooding.