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If you have an iPad or iPhone - forget Norton

Below is (the relevant and edited) part of the conversation (chat) I had with a Norton rep to try and download Norton Security Premium onto an iPad.

Norton rep: Norton has limited features on iPad and iPhone. It has Anti theft and contacts backup feature only. It does not have AntiVirus feature.

Norton rep: Unfortunately, at this time, Apple does not provide access to Symantec (or any other mobile security provider) to the parts of the iOS operating system required to extend Norton Mobile Security features and capabilities (like malware protection). We are continuing to partner with Apple regarding opportunities to provide additional mobile security protection for iOS. While we can not discuss future product capabilities, Norton Mobile Security (and Norton Security, Norton 360 Multi Device) customers will receive all new features added within their current subscription period.

ME: The box which the Norton Security came in advertises on the back Apple:

- Defends against viruses, Safeguards your identity, Blocks unsafe phishing. So what was the use of me purchasing this package if it doesn't actually contain what is supposed to contain in the package ??????

Norton rep: The Norton Security is multi Platform program which can be used on Windows, Mac or Android or iOS devices. It has different features for different operating systems. So it should have mentioned the commonly over the box. It might also have mentioned that some features are not available on iPad and iPhone.

ME: On the back of the box, there is a diagrammatic description of bullet points under the Apple logo these bullet points for Apple cover the first 3 protection descriptions,

Norton rep: I am sorry for the inconvenience cause. Norton protects Android, Windows and Mac. Apple does not provide access to any other mobile security provider to scan the parts of the iOS operating system. Apple says iPhone and iPad already has inbuilt Security. So they say that Apple iOS devices are fully protected against all threats.

ME: Why doesn't the packaging explain what the Apple logo exactly means and save purchasers wasting their time ??

Norton rep: I do apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding in the box or package. I will certainly cascade this to the concerned team. 

I have not written the name of the Norton chat rep - but I will say that he tried his best.

Hopefully this conversation has been "cascaded" to the upper echelons of Norton - and their advertising copy-writers.

Moral of this episode - Do NOT waste your money or huge amounts of time trying to use Norton for iPads or iPhones



Re: If you have an iPad or iPhone - forget Norton

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