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"Ignore bad sectors during copy"

Should I "Ignore bad sectors during copy" (when creating Base and Incremental backup images)?

For many years I DID select this option (I was advised to use decades ago by Ghost phone support).  They a couple years ago the wise people on this forum told me this option was a mistake (I think at the time one of the drives involved had bad sectors, and Ghost never let me know).

So for a couple years I have NOT selected this option, and this week I find that the hard drive I dedicate to storage of backup images for one of my backup jobs has errors that once again Ghost never let me know about (I discovered them after I ran hard drive diagnostics after a BSOD ("NTFS").

Of course maybe Ghost never tried to use a bad sector on this drive (I aborted the hard drive diagnostics as soon as I found a bad sector, since one is enough for me to replace a hard drive)...

I'm just checking in to ask for confirmation that Ghost 15 might be expected to let one know if one of the hard drives involved in a backup operation has bad sectors, and that for it to do so one wants to NOT select "Ignore bad sectors during copy".  Please advise, thank you very much!


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Re: "Ignore bad sectors during copy"

None of us here will recommend using the setting to ignore bad sectors unless there is no other option. (It's the only way to create an image for drive replacement).  If the drive develops bad sectors you want to know about it.  Using that setting all the time could leave you with a drive that can't be imaged and restored if critical files reside on the bad sectors,

Personally, I never have had a drive that developed bad sectors.  I have had many go bad but it never started with bad sectors.  Maybe I'm lucky or maybe it's because I only use WD hard drives.  I see systems with bad sectors all the time.  If it's "not too many" I usually recommend fixing the bad sectors with chkdsk /r and if that works see if the drive continues to work without developing more.  The second time a bad sector develops I tell the person the drive needs to be replaced.  For me, on my personal systems I would do the same as you, any bad sector and I would replace the drive.  I actually always have a few brand new drives sitting here just in case of problems.

As for the destination, I think your correct, Ghost only spots it if it's trying to write onto a bad sector.

Several times here I have advised people with bad sectors to use that option to skip them to make an image "of last resort", just to get some kind of image made as soon as possible.  Then I tell them to run "chkdsk /r" and try again to image the drive without the option to skip bad sectors.  If they are able to repair the sectors and make a clean image, that's the one I have them use to restore onto a new drive. 

Is your destination drive external?

Seems like those are more likely to get bad sectors because of not being correctly disconnected each time.



Re: "Ignore bad sectors during copy"

Thank you very much DaveH!  (I wouldn't be surprised if you were the guru here who set me straight on this setting a couple years back.)

I exclusively use internal/SATA connections for all my drives involved in backups.


Re: "Ignore bad sectors during copy"

It could have been me or Brian_K, we both recommend the same thing.

I always use internal drives for my images too.  I been using dedicated WD Black 2TB drives for images only and I do use an external but it's setup as a "offline" copy location that just mirrors my image sets.

I actually don't like USB external drives but I'm careful to always use the "safely remove hardware" wizard and it's not my primary destination.

If the internal drives had any bad sectors I would replace it right away.


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