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I'm seeing server not found message with different websites

Ever since I enabled NORTON VPN 360 for W/10, I sometimes have a recurring problem with a "server not found" message when I try to go to various websites.

Sometimes, on getting this message, I simply click "try again" several times and it works.

Other times, I turn off VPN and I then can easily get to the website I was going for - but this way means I have to turn on VPN again

Any clues/any solutions??


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Re: I'm seeing server not found message with different websites

I have the same problem. There are many threads on this issue. Wifi signal is fine but you cannot connect to the site you want and, if you turn off Norton secure VPN then back on again the issue is resolved. I called tech support and it was a waste of time as they don't recognise this as a Norton problem. I told them it is and they need to escalate this issue. I guess the solution here is that everybody with this issue needs to contact tech support and tell Norton this is a real issue and the customer base is not happy and that need to own it and do something about it. The more people that complain and shout the more chance that something will get done. 

Otherwise the solution is to ditch Norton and get another VPN. I have recently renewed but I am still considering it.

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