Immunize USB key

Norton should have the function for the customer to immunized the USB.

The software create uneditable autorun.inf file in USB key.

When the customer plug the unimmunized USB key, software will show the popup ask the user that you need to immunized your USB key or not.

Now in my country the main infection come from USB key.

We use some small freeware develop by local programmer to work like this and for block autorun virus.

If you need this kind of software, please let me know by e-mail because I do not know that is it prohibit for this forun or not to give the link to download other software in this forum.

It should be better if the big player like norton focus on USB key and put some more option to prevent from removalble media like USB key, external drive, memory card.

Now some player start to focus on this type of infection but I still trust in Norton so I do not plan to move to their software because of this function. I decide to use Norton + some freeware to block autorun.

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