Impressions or Thoughts on NIS 4? Also a couple questions.

So I'm considering on buying NIS 4 DP (since I do Boot Camp for SimCity4 and other games).  However I'm not able to find any reviews on the product.  Aside from the glowing review that's linked on Symantec's site, it seems to not get much attention... or maybe since it's a new product it's taking some time.  So I was wondering what users of NIS 4 thought of it?  Works smoothly?  Any "slow down" issues that various people complain as reasons to stay away from NAV 11.  I realize only the ones who complain are the most vocal so I'm looking for some more info as I take those complaints with a grain of salt usually.

Also my three other questions.  How much is a subscription renewal for DP (good to know when my year is up)?  I currently have a PC subscription to NIS that is about to run out.  Is there an "upgrade" path I can use, instead of plunking down $90 for NIS 4 DP?  I noticed when newer versions of the PC version of NIS get updated yearly, your version updates to that newer version.  Is it going to work the same on the Mac platform?  I really enjoyed that feature on the PC platform.

Anyway, thanks!