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Incoming intrusion to CommCenter in Mojave

Hi there

Weird one.  After updating to Mojave I get an incoming intrusion every time I boot.  It is from a 'computer' (see attached) and I believe it is actually a local device on my network (maybe an iPhone).  If I look in the logs I see /Applications/OneSuperLongDir/One.app (see attached).

Any thoughts??



Kudos1 Stats

Re: Incoming intrusion to CommCenter in Mojave

According to speedGuide.net this port is frequently used for VoIP (voice over IP phones)

5060    tcp,udp    sip    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (official) - SIP VoIP phones and providers use this port. Asterisk server, X-ten Lite/Pro, Ooma, Vonage (ports 5060,5061,10000-20000), Apple iChat, iTalkBB, Motorola Ojo, OpenWengo, TalkSwitch, IConnectHere, Lingo VoIP (ports 5060-5065)  

John HansenSr. Principal Software EngineerMacintosh Group

Re: Incoming intrusion to CommCenter in Mojave

Thank you.  I am sure this is the answer as when I turn off my iPhone, the message doesn't appear.

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