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This forum thread needs a solution.

Inconsistent yes/no on notification page

Under the alerts:Notifications page on the android app (With android app 1.20.2 and firmware 193),  when the notification is "A site identified to contain potentially malicious content was blocked on ... Do you want to allow this site on this device?" appears,  the buttons are in the order "Yes" "No".

When the notification is like "xxx was blocked from visiting yyy which contains ... Do you want to add this site to your list of Allowed Sites in the future?", the buttons are in the order "No" "Yes".

On more than one occasion, when I have a large set of notifications,  I've ended up inadvertently allowing access due to this inconsistency

Please change the layout so that the order is consistent for different types of messages.

Also,  the app does not seem to remember the choices I've made.  If I either allow or disallow access,  that should be remembered so I don't have to keep saying to block or allow every time the page is visited.