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Incorrect Account Setup

To Whom It May Concern,

I am reaching out in connection with my original order from back in August. In summary, it seems as though the two accounts associated with this order weren’t properly set up from the beginning.

And, to be clear, this situation applies to me and my business partner alike – whereby our basic purchase details are provided as follows:

Me: Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Ultimate Plu

Business Partner: LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus

Business Partner: Norton™ Privacy Monitor Assistant

Above all, I would very much appreciate someone’s assistance on straightening out both of our respective accounts such that mt business partner's log in process is effectively “separate” from my account. In other words, it is unreasonable (and even inconvenient) to be required to log in to my account in order to install software for my business partner under his account.

If necessary (or recommended), I would be fine with cancelling both of my respective N360 purchases – so that we could effectively “start over” and install all applicable software under separate purchases for my business partner and myself.

In advance, I sincerely thank the person who is tasked with looking into my situation and hopefully working with me to straighten things out as suggested hereto.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Very Sincerely,




Re: Incorrect Account Setup

Hello @alan_phillips
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Norton Community does not have access to your Norton account, subscription nor payment details. 

Please Contact Norton Support regarding your account/subscription/payment/adjustment/refund.  


Re: Incorrect Account Setup

Is your business partner using one of your available activations for the 360 product? If this is your issue, there is nothing that can be done to allow your partner to use their own Norton Account to access your subscription. If they want control over a 360 subscription, they would have to purchase their own separate subscription.


Re: Incorrect Account Setup

Dedicated team for LifeLock can be contacted using the phone support number 8443463614.