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Incorrect age on MySpace and Facebook

I received about 20 emails today from OnlineFamily.Norton claiming my daughter reported an incorrect age on both myspace and facebook.  I checked her account and the profile under Norton and she is not incorrectly reporting her age.  It is the same online as it is in her profile.  ALSO we are having an issue with setting time limits for the kids and Norton shutting them out in half the time they are allowed.  AND (sorry) she tried to delete an email from myspace but Norton reported her SSN was in the email- it wasn't.  I checked.  These errors are making it improbable we would continue use much longer if we can not get them resolved.  We love the concept of this program but the glitches flooding my email are ridiculous!



Re: Incorrect age on MySpace and Facebook

Hi fire96,


I understand you received 20 emails today…What about the other issues… all happened today?  When did your daughter create her Myspace and Facebook account?  For the time setting restrictions issue, could you post a screen snap of the time setting for her profile?  Please give us some details on how the program logs her out in half of the time which is allowed?



Thanks Katie

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