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Incorrect Norton Warning - Disk Optimization

Just powered up, then went into my hidden icons to get something in OneDrive. The Norton icon there had a warning Exclamation mark on it; there was no such warning on the Norton icon on my bottom tool bar. When I clicked on it, it said I had to optimize to improve performance, so I did.

After 30 seconds here's what it reported:

So no need for the warning. Also had I not been someone who uses OneDrive all the time I wouldn't have known about the warning. Can I change the setting so that alerts are shown on the main icon on the bottom task bar. Or should I simply remove the hidden icon? I haven't a clue why it's there.

By the way, I searched to see if anyone else had mentioned this. This poor chap has been waiting for help for ten months: any kind soul here who can help him? http://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-disk-optimization

Win10 Home v1803 build 17134.345/HP envy/EDGE (rubbish)/IE11 (RIP)11.285.17134.0/ OFFICE 365 Home Personal/Norton Security



Re: Incorrect Norton Warning - Disk Optimization

It's not a security alert so I wouldn't worry about it. All Norton does is invoke Windows defragger. You can turn off that feature in Norton since Windows does it own defragging anyhow. You can just choose to show system tray icon all the time also. Or simply open up Norton and you will see it. That link you posted has nothing to do with a hard drive defrag. He was asking about a SD storage card which Windows would not defrag in the first place.

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