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Incremental backups

Does Norton Backup still do incremental backups? Or does it back up everything every time? I used to use Norton Backup about 20 years ago and it was really good. I think they have removed a lot of functionality these days so that novices can use it.

I use Sync Toy and that seems to do the job, only backing up that which has changed.

I can't find any information about incremental backups on the web for Norton Backup. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Re: Incremental backups

It's a file and folder backup tool only, so don't waste your time trying to backup your entire C drive because it can't restore the operating system or programs. 

Although the subsequent backups only backup the files that have changed, they are not "incrementals" because they are not a separate backup with the original full backup being retained.  The subsequent backups replace the changed files so you do not retain the previous versions, technically it's a single version "mirror" backup.

(credit DaveH)

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