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This forum thread needs a solution.

Initial Norton download from Internet was a binary file. The certificate of this file is expired.

Why was it a binary file? I believe that binary files are bad and will damage my computer. Why is the certificate expired? It expired on 12/17/2017. When I use the software at this moment the certificate is still expired. It says the purchased software was registered to the computer named KFFOWI. Does anyone know what KFFOWI and is it common. I seen the same computer name at the gym registered to Spotify. I am just looking for general information about these issues.



Re: Initial Norton download from Internet was a binary file. The certificate of this file is expired.

Hello 2018Whiz It sounds like you downloaded something that isn't in fact officially a Norton installation. Whatever the program was/is uninstall it and reboot. KFFOWI suggests a Kindle or Amazon Fire device connecting to your network. Make sure your network type is set to Private and you are logging in under an Admin account.

Binary files are not commonly dangerous but as I understand you, the download was for Norton products. I would perform an install of Malwarebytes which is Free and run to check for unwanted programs. You can get it here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/

If you already have a Norton account just log in here and get your product there: https://login.norton.com/sso/embedded/update

Norton products can be found here for initial download as well: https://us.norton.com/products


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