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This forum thread needs a solution.

Insight does not use proxy for shasta-rrs.symantec.com

Hello, kind reader :)

I am running NIS on W7 32bit behind a http(s) proxy.

The proxy is set properly and LiveUpdate works.

Unfortunately I discovered horrible delays in starting some programs (e.g. over one minute starting putty.exe 0.70). Disabling NIS Autoprotect "solves" the problem. Not all programs are impacted. Looks like the ones signed with Authenticode are more severely impacted but I may be wrong.

After a lot of investigation I found out that Insight is not working as expected and does not use the proxy. Wireshark shows that despite the proper proxy setting in Settings/Administrative/NetworkProxySettings, NIS is insisting to contact the Insight site shasta-rrs.symantec.com directly, without proxy. Since this is not allowed in my network setup, after several lenghty tries it gives up and starts the program anyway, without any additional message.

Yes, I am aware that I can except the program(s) from Autoprotect or disable Insight but those are workarounds with reduced security. The main issue seems to me the fact that proxy is not used by NIS for any and all network accesses.

Did you encounter such behavior? Can I do something about it?

Thank you,