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This forum thread needs a solution.

Installation fail-loop on Mac OS X High Sierra until SIP was disabled

Hi All,

In search for a mean, lean AV-solution for my recently moved to Norton Security for my Macs as my previous AV-program became bloated and annoying. The test run worked flawlessly - But the trouble started when going all in and trying to install on my Mac Mini running High Sierra.

I simply could not get the installer past the point where I in the System Settings was prompted that "Some system software was blocked from loading message instead of Symantec message". I clicked [Allow] repeatedly to no avail. I had to do a hard reboot only to find that installer pick up exactly the same place and I was back in the loop :-/

Only after downloading and running the RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool my system was "cured"

So why didn't it work now while showing no problems on my MacBook and iMac?

I then remembered that on the MacBook and the iMac I had disabled the Mac OS X System Integrity Protection (SIP) function due to requirements to install a Mac OS X Finder add-on.

And watch and behold..... Once I did the that same on the MacMini Norton installed without a glitch....

But, if SIP is an issue (and from what I see it will be even more prominent in Mac OS X Mojave) should the installation guide and/or the FAQ not mention this?

Although I'm happy with SIP being disabled not all users may feel the same.