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Installing new Norton internet security software

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find herewith the notice to firstly fill in a password to uninstall and thereafter enable install my new Norton software. I think I never got a password to uninstall Norton software. Hopefully somebody can help me.



Re: Installing new Norton internet security software

The product that needs to be uninstalled is Symantec Endpoint Protection, an enterprise product, not Norton, which is a consumer product.  The default password should be symantec.  If you have changed the password you will likely have more success posting your issue to the Symantec forums:



Re: Installing new Norton internet security software

Hello PieterPotter

You may find this article of interest or helpful.


If you are going to install a Norton product, then you can come back to this Forum. If it's a Symantec product you are going to install, then you should be able to get help in the Symantec Forum.


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