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Installing NIS 2013 on Win7?

The time has finally come to retire Win XP.  I will be replacing XP on three PCs with Win 7.

In the past, when installing XP prior to installing NIS, I would disable the Windows Firewall and leave it disabled.

However, according to "Windows 7 Inside and Out - Deluxe Edition" (see below).  So, what should I do?  Thanks.

In Windows 7 (unlike earlier versions of Windows), Windows Firewall can coexist with third-party firewall programs. Windows now defines firewall categories (such as port filtering and IPsec filtering); different firewalls can handle different categories, letting you use the best tool for each task. A properly written third-party firewall can take ownership of a category, and Windows Firewall no longer protects that category, even when Windows Firewall is turned on. If the third-party firewall is stopped or removed, however, and no other firewall is registered for the category, Windows Firewall takes over.

Bott, Ed; Carl Siechert; Craig Stinson (2011-06-30). Windows® 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition (Inside Out (Microsoft Hardcover)) (Kindle Locations 10411-10415). Microsoft Press. Kindle Edition.



Re: Installing NIS 2013 on Win7?

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Even if you have a third-party firewall, you should leave Windows Firewall turned on and leave the Windows Firewall service set to run automatically. This is needed to enforce IPsec policies, and it also ensures that Windows Firewall continues to manage any categories that are not protected by the third-party program.

Bott, Ed; Carl Siechert; Craig Stinson (2011-06-30). Windows® 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition (Inside Out (Microsoft Hardcover)) (Kindle Locations 10503-10505). Microsoft Press. Kindle Edition.

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Re: Installing NIS 2013 on Win7?


I would recommend that you allow your Norton program to determine the state of your windows firewall. If they will play well together it will leave it alone. If there is the potential for conflice then Norton will disable the conflicting features. The key to your best protection from norton is to be sure that nothing conflicts with its operation. Conflicts can reduce or eliminate protection as the products see each other as threats or try to handle threats in different ways at the same time.

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Re: Installing NIS 2013 on Win7?

I agree with Dick.

Just install your Windows 7 and then Norton will make it's settings of the Windows firewall during installation. You should not have to change any settings manually.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Installing NIS 2013 on Win7?


This is what you'll see when NIS is installed:

Please also note that the Windows Firewall Service remains started automatically.

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