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Instant Lock Does Not Work

On the family.norton.com website, Instant Lock was shown to be ON for my child on all of my devices.  However, using his password, I could log onto the computer without any restrictions.  Called Norton chat support, and the agent uninstalled and re-installed Norton Security.  This worked for about 2 days, and it stopped working again.  I have changed all of my passwords and I am sure that my child was not able to log onto Norton or as the administrator on my computers to change any of the settings.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Re: Instant Lock Does Not Work


Could you please check the following...

1. Instant Lock requires the devices to be online.
2. Did you ever use the PIN to UnLock the device locally?  If so the device will be accessible until you do another Instant Lock from Portal (Go to portal and switch off Instant Lock and switch it on again).
3. Does your child know the PIN, if so please change the PIN from portal and don't share it with your child.

Please reach out to us for any further clarifications.

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