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Intel Driver & Support Assistant Inop w/ Norton turned on

So Intel's driver update agent notified me that there is an update available. When I go to the site, if I have turned every possible Norton product off, it gets to a hung point and fails to complete (I'm thinking there's still something Norton has on that is blocking it). If I turn Norton on, the site immediately returns a scan failure and can't continue. Norton's update offerings don't see whatever the new Intel update is so I can't use that to bypass whatever Norton has blocking it. I've tried adding the URL's from the Intel support area, but that doesn't seem to be enough.

I can't locate any form of security history to see what Norton may have blocked and I haven't gotten any alerts, which makes troubleshooting this a pain.

Additionally when I tried to log in from the Norton app page using my linked Google account, Google won't allow it stating that the browser is insecure. And it doesn't save when you say "Trust this device".

Win 11, Norton package incl. LifeLock. No error messages, no notifications from Norton.

Steps to reproduce:

Problem 1 Intel Driver and Support Assistant

  1. Right click and select Check for Updates from Intel's notification icon
  2. View page "Sorry something went wrong when trying to scan"
  3. Go through and turn off every possible option (I may have missed one) in advanced settings in antivirus and firewall.
  4. Try again
  5. Intel page now completes scan and then hangs on installing

Problem 2 Insecure browser

  1. Open My Norton 
  2. Click Help '?'
  3. Complete 2fa, check Trust device
  4. Attempt sign in with Google
  5. Enter google email account
  6. Get warned by Google that browser is insecure and can't continue (failure part 1)
  7. Go back and sign in with manually entering password
  8. Go back to My Norton
  9. Click Help '?'
  10. Get prompted to enter 2fa again and if I want to trust device (failure part 2)

Problem 3 Where's Norton's history of activities located?

I haven't a clue as to where to find what it may have blocked, even when setting everything to Alert where possible.



Re: Intel Driver & Support Assistant Inop w/ Norton turned on

What browser are you using when you get the insecure browser messages?

The Norton History is located on the Classic interface. To open the Classic interface from the new My Norton interface, click on Open for Device Security. Then double click on Security pillar, and then click on History. You can choose different categories from the drop down list a the top.


Re: Intel Driver & Support Assistant Inop w/ Norton turned on

The browser being used is whatever the Norton 360 account page uses (new interface). Thanks for showing me where I can access the history. Sadly it seems to be missing anything related to the time in question (including when I turned various settings off, which one would hope the software would take note of). It also seems to be blocking some part of my Razer software's access to protected data, which seems odd and I'll have to look into that aspect again in the future.

With some of it's options off (compressed file scan, rootkits and stealth items scan, heuristic protection) the Intel site goes to the installing update step and then just sits there indefinitely. Norton's history doesn't show anything since before I tried updating a few times, so I'm not sure where the issue is.

Thanks for where the history is located at least.

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