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Interesting-Google.com is blocked on every image

Okay so there are good features to this and of course there are bad features to this.

First off let me explain what I was doing.  I was searching for Actress Photos; saw one I liked but Norton Safety Minder was blocking google.com because of Porn

I tried different photos and still didnt work.

So I decided to allow google.com on my "approved websites"

It did; but the bad thing of this, was that any picture was viewable (which was not good).

I then decided to try something.  I made google.com be removed from my safe list (default) and searched for an image of the Eiffel Tower.  Tried clicking the image and Norton Safety Minder blocked it because of Porn.

So I understand that it might be hard to block some but not all but I was wondering if Symantec is working on a future fix for this?

Okay so heres an example: Say I want to search for an Actress "Elisha Cuthbert Happy Endings" (her upcoming TV show)  the URL shows:

**lol I was gonna post the URLs mechanics but saw it was way too long*; anyways so what IF Norton Safety Minder blocked a keyword on that URL and if a keyword was found; then it would block it; whereas something like the Eiffel Tower; well the Eiffel Tower shouldnt have keywords such as "nude, naked, no clothes, hot" in the URL which would mean that our computers should be able to pull that image up???



Re: Interesting-Google.com is blocked on every image

Hi ltolman,

Please select the option “Use strict filter” for Google’s SafeSearch Filtering under “Search settings” link at Google page http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en

You said "but Norton Safety Minder was blocking google.com because of Porn" and "Google​.com is blocked on every image".  How are the categories of websites are selected to be blocked and what websites are on the black list under Settings -> Web when you experience these?  Could you send a screen shot of the information? You can find my email address at http://community.norton.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/15038


Thanks Katie

Re: Interesting-Google.com is blocked on every image

ok not sure whats happening but now every image does load; regardless.

And of course i cannot produce the same search image results of what I've seen before so hmmm; maybe later tonight it will block it? I dont know.

I made sure google.com wasnt in my "approved sites" and it isnt.  And my google.com's preferences is the same, I didnt mess with it (set to Medium)

But I'll keep you posted if it happens again.

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