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This forum thread needs a solution.

Internet Explorer Protection Alert popping up

Hello All,

Running Win7 Pro SP1 x64 with IE 11

System recently upgraded to

Ever since the update, I now periodically receive a Norton popup alert showing

"Internet Explorer Protection Alert

Some of the Norton protection features are not enabled on Internet Explorer

Remind me Later, Dont Ask, Enable Now"

Indeed I have never used Antispam, Safe Surfing, or Identity Safe but have never received this alert until the upgrade.

Am I OK to click Don't Ask and hopefully have the Alert go away?  Or is there something newly added in the upgrade that I need to consider?

Everything remains green and shows You are Protected.

FMI, what happens if I click Enable Now?



Re: Internet Explorer Protection Alert popping up

"Internet Explorer Protection Alert.  Am I OK to click Don't Ask and hopefully have the Alert go away?

Yep, okay to click Don't Ask..... you make Enable or Disable Norton add-ons to your preference thru Internet Explorer > Tools > Manage add-ons.   Nag Alert is reminder (added with 22.7) that Norton offers browser features, you may see Nag after Norton product updates. 
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Re: Internet Explorer Protection Alert popping up


Did you see the exact info box as shown below?

If so, you would also receive the similar requests when trying to run your Firefox and Chrome - if you too get 'em installed as well.

And, you may follow bjm_'s advice.

Your question: "what happens if I click Enable Now?"

My answer: Further actions or installing the features FULLY will change the default search engine into Ask.com based option. You can consider denying that request or restoring your browser settings manually at a later time. 

See more info at the official Norton Safe Search product page; and avoid endless variants of Ask Toolbar (e.g., EveryDayManuals, InspiringBackgrounds, etc.) on the web.

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