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This forum thread needs a solution.

An intrusion attempt was blocked. (and more)

Hi, I was recently looking through my history and saw this. I'm very concerned about it, and I've been really stressed today because of it.

"An intrusion attempt by was blocked"

Also, I've seen other warnings I don't know about, take a look at the picture.

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Re: An intrusion attempt was blocked. (and more)

You need to highlight the intrusion events in Norton History and click to view more details.  Both items showing in your screenshot are reported to be from your own local network, so something coming from devices on your LAN, not attacks from the internet.  For that reason, I would not be too concerned, but it would be wise to dig a little deeper into those entries to see what attack was blocked.


Re: An intrusion attempt was blocked. (and more)

Okay, so. This morning I got another thing in my history. "An intrusion attempt by DESKTOP - ARBJRVH was blocked." So, is like.. someone trying to get into my PC?


Re: An intrusion attempt was blocked. (and more)

Hello aren

Today's blockage is the same one as the one in your screenshot. It is possible that it was just a port scan.

Have a Good Night and


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