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This forum thread needs a solution.

Inundated with 100+ emails from Norton Community withina day orn so.

I posted a question saying my laptop was running slow and I was continually getting websites that would not respond. Microsoft messages said they would try to resolve the problem. And it was resolved several times. Eventually however, my laptop had a fatal error, I was not able to use it at all other than try the select a start up options displayed when the unit is turned on. It did not fix my problem.

I am back on line now because I used a recovery CD which it appears to have been successful. What I would like a solution to is a way to prevent  my email account being flooded with more than 100 email messages from the Norton community about Windows 10. As Windows 10 was not successfully installed on my laptop I am not qualified to say if Windows 10 had anything to do with my particular problem.

It would take me a month to read all the messages I have received from the Norton Community in the last 12 hours and while I thank you all for your input, Good things come little packages. These packages have become overwhelming, so how can I limit them without upsetting members who are trying to help me? 

You know what I mean



Re: Inundated with 100+ emails from Norton Community withina day orn so.

Go to your Community Account (top right on this page) > Subscriptions > Unsubscribe.
And / Or.  Go to Account > Edit > Notifications > change your preference > Save

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