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invalid header block?

Before I retire from "looking for monsters under the bed" I did notice a rather confusing entry in the activity log during the boot up process

entry was in

Log Viewer>Internet Worm Protection> Activities

the entry read

A packet from with an invalid IP header of 0 bytes was detected and blocked. IP header length must

be at least 20 bytes.

Source IP Address

Destination IP address


Now when I look up this IP address it says

div.neo.rr.com  Whichj has something to do with Road Runer services in Ohio (Not my ISP or even near my state)

so it does not give any specific IP address

So just curious why on boot up my machine would attempt to connect to that IP address. Doesn't happen all or even most of the time. As I say Road Runner is not my ISP nor do I live anywhere near ohio

Anybody able to help me understand what this means?

All security scans, including updated malwarebytes come up clean



Re: invalid header block?

Might anyone be able to help me understand this?


Re: invalid header block?

Have a look here for info.  Google is your friend!


Under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer.Mark Twain

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