invisible vault in windows 11 chrome or edge

When I click on the password extension symbol, my logins appear but when I click on the vault link, the screen refreshes but the my vault does not appear. If I select edit to change a logon the same thing happens. If I select the login, the site and details work perfectly. Bizarre

No error messages are shown.  Help required

windows 11 Norton password manager  Version


Accepted Solution

Re: invisible vault in windows 11 chrome or edge


Sorry for the issue you are facing.

Can you please try below steps and check whether its working for you?

Steps -> Can you please update the extension to the latest version - (Chrome browser) and check whether this issue is happening for you?

Alternate workaround,

1. Close or exit all open browser instances which has Norton Password Manager extension installed

2. Relaunch the browser

3. Unlock your vault

4. Try to access vault UI

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